Small scale Fishermen form the backbone of India’s Fisheries sector. In TamilNadu alone, there are 4 lakh Fishermen and over 10 lakh Fisherfolk. Fishing is not just their livelihood, it is their culture, an ancient tradition that roots them to their home. A huge population depends on them for their daily bread and sustenance. While they have to deal with the vagaries of nature and depleting resources at sea, Small-scale fishermen suffer the greatest deprivations as they have low social status, low incomes and poor living conditions.

With Electric Mobility we now have an opportunity to modernise, liberalise and empower these Fishermen and help them bring in more revenue with smaller overheads.

The fishing communities of India will hugely benefit from the monetary advantages of electric mobility on water because of its quick ROI(Return on Investment) and low TCO(Total Cost of Ownership)

By going electric, a fisherman incurs only 1/10th the expense of fuel on his fishing trip! That also means he now has 90% more money which he could use to secure his family’s future and thereby improve their standard of living.


First of its kind Fully Electric Fishing boat.

EEL is a typical 34 foot fishing boat, similar to the ones used by Local Fishermen in Tamilnadu, which has been modified with a longer beam and lower CG so as to accommodate the batteries powering the Electric outboard motor.

The Torqeedo Cruise 10.0TL which is an equivalent of a 20HP Petrol OBM, powers this boat to a speed of 10 knots on the high seas in fair weather. Equipped with 30KWh Batteries the boat is designed to provide Fishermen operating in coastal waters about 8-10 hours of fishing time.

The Motor and batteries are IP rated to withstand the heavy splash of waves and occasional flush of water into the boat. This Noiseless and Pollution free Fishing boat has been lauded by Authorities and Fishermen alike!

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