“Ra” is the ancient Egyptian Sun God. To the Egyptians, the sun represented light, warmth, and growth. This made the sun deity very important, as the sun was seen as the ruler of all that he created. All forms of life were believed to have been created by Ra! At Ra Source, we believe in the power of the sun – it just needs to be harnessed, and re-created.


We provide high quality solar roof top solutions for your homes with a focus on Aesthetics, Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings. If you are a home owner, take advantage of the “Net Metering” facility being made available for all domestic consumers in Tamilnadu. Think Ra Source, and we have it covered from concept to commissioning including all statutory approvals till installation of the Net Meter.

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Ra Source has the expertise to successfully deliver, even complex Roof Top solar solutions for High Rise apartment buildings, be it one building or several blocks in an apartment complex.

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For Commercial users and Infra Projects, timelines of project completion are very critical. At Ra Source, we work along with the Client keeping their timelines as priority and have successfully delivered & commissioned several roof top projects for factories and industries and a few Ground Mounted projects.

ra'source provides support starting from the concept and design stage through the entire cycle of Project Management.

  • Conceptual design using PV Design software
  • Solar site evaluation and selection
  • Grid analysis and connections
  • Solar System design and engineering
    • PV Array design
    • Foundation
    • Mounting structures
    • Electrical SLD ( DC and AC design)
  • BOS Selection
  • Energy Yield Prediction Analysis
  • Project management

We undertake the complete construction of your plant, from installation to testing and commissioning.

  • Foundation
  • Structure installation
  • Modules and Inverter installation and interconnection
  • Cabling (AC & DC)
  • Transformer installation
  • Electric Pole installation upto Sub-station (if required and approved by EB)
  • Testing and Commissioning

ra' source provides OPM Services for optimising the entire system, keeping it cost-effective in the long term.

OPM Services include:
  • Maintenance of PV Arrays
  • Cleaning of Arrays
  • Monitoring of quality of components
  • Checking and rectifying deviations
  • Replacement of components, if required
  • Warranty administration
  • Tracking and monitoring of power production and usage
  • Checking and diagnosing system performance
  • Tracking systems operations over time
  • Monitoring real-time PV production over time

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We had Ra-source install Solar Panels at our factory one year ago and have been using Solar Power for our factory ever since. After using Solar Power, we have been able to reduce our diesel consumption by over 70%, thus achieving substantial cost savings while at the same time doing our bit for the environment by using clean energy. The generation of solar power has so far been as per the specified design and the cost savings have exceeded our expectations. Ra-source were very professional in arriving at our requirements, sticking to the project schedule, and executing a tidy installation. Their service has been very good after installation. We hope to see Ra-source spread their clean energy solution to more industries in the future.

Dr. Ramkumar Rajagopal

Joint Managing Director, Stedman Pharmaceuticals

This is to congratulate you on the excellent experience that working with your company M/s. Ra Source Private Limited, Chennai has generated for us. We were very new to this field of solar energy. But your excellent understanding of our requirements and prompt completion of work is of great satisfaction. Moreover, the excellent support and service provided by you post sales is highly commendable.

Keep up the great work and best wishes for you and your entire team for all future endeavors.

Ajay Karthick

COO, Vinbros & Co