As the race for switching to pollution free energy sources gains momentum, we are committed to making the lakes and rivers of India a clean, noiseless, pollution free space that can be enjoyed by citizens and Tourists alike.

Imagine boating on the beautiful lakes in India or the grand rivers such as the Ganga, Brahmaputra & Godavari or even in the world’s largest estuarine forest, The Sundarbans or the Backwaters of Kerala, without endangering the flora & fauna, wouldn’t that be an unforgettable experience!

And what if we had the technology that was “Clean, Powerful and Modern”, India would be boating without impacting the environment or compromising on safety and performance.

As a provider of clean technology solutions for marine waterways and in our sustained efforts to grow the electric boat market, Ra Source is proud to partner with Torqeedo GmBh to introduce electric mobility/propulsion technology to the Indian marine and boat industry. As their Authorised Distributors and Service Partners we provide end-to-end solutions from identifying client requirements to post-installation service and support.

As pioneers in the field of water-based electromobility, Torqeedo has set many standards since founding in 2005, reinforcing their lead in motors over all other solutions available on the market.

Superior technology and revolutionary benefits are what Torqeedo sets out to achieve. And every product that Torqeedo brings to the market meets both these criteria.

Torqeedo offers outboards and inboards, electric motors and hybrid drive systems ranging from 0.5 to 100 kW on motor level (up to 200 kW on system level). There are also all sorts of functional and innovative accessories – from lithium batteries and solar charging equipment to smartphone apps.

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Ultralight series (1HP - 3HP Equivalent)

Ultra-powerful. Ultra-efficient. Ultra-stealthy. The whisper-quiet, direct-drive Ultralight comes with the innovative angler mount and all the hightech features including GPS built-in, realtime range and runtime display, solar charging, superior safety and performance, and the latest lithium battery technology. The lightest Torqeedo outboard weighs only 8.8 kg (incl. battery) fits on all popular types of kayak and canoes and transports anglers to the right spot for a big catch. It’s quick and easy to mount on fishing kayaks so you can focus on river/lake fishing.



Travel series (2HP-3HP Equivalent)

The most sought after and globally successful Travel electric outboard comes with a powerful lithium-ion battery and a built-in on-board computer with GPS.

The reliable and powerful electric motor with direct drive ensures dynamic response, is unrivalled in its efficiency and remains whisper-quiet.

The powerful Travel motors are extremely light and also guarantee easy handling and installation. Whether you are a sailor, operator, nature lover - the Travel powers you!


Travel 603
Travel 1103C

Cruise series (6HP-25HP Equivalent)

Cruise motors are the electric outboard motor of choice for motorboats, dinghies and commercial users for boats upto 12 tons.

All Cruise systems have a built-in GPS with on-board computer and display with speed and input power, state of charge and remaining range, with a compact, low-drag, and lightweight pylon with advanced helical gear design.

The new electric boat motors have a durable and extremely robust design with 50% more power capacity and include optimized helical gears to provide quiet, lightweight power unrivalled in this market.


Cruise 3.0R
Cruise 3.0T
Cruise 6.0R
Cruise 6.0T
Cruise 12.0
Cruise 10.0T

Cruise Pod Drives (6HP - 25HP Equivalent)

Inconspicuous yet powerful,The Cruise FP models are installed in a fixed position (therefore the abbreviation FP – fixed pod) as generally desired for sailboats and also for some motorboats.

The electric pod motors for sailboats are available with folding propellers. Other boats would choose the standard, highly efficient propellers.


Cruise 3.0FP
Cruise 6.0FP
Cruise 12.0FP

Deep Blue Series (40HP to 80HP Equivalent)

Deep Blue is the first and only series-production high-power electric drive system for motorboats and offers exceptional performance, high safety standards and easy operation.

As a fully integrated propulsion and energy management system, Deep Blue is customizable with modular components and perfectly suitable for demanding marine deployment.

The Deep Blue motors are compatible only with BMWi3 Batteries of 40KWh capacity with state of the art automotive battery engineering.

Outboards are available with 25 kW and 50 kW R models controlled via remote throttle.


Deep Blue 25 RL
Deep Blue 50 R

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We had an 18pax catamaran boat and a 6pax monohull boat retrofitted with Torqeedo Electric motors and Batteries provided by Ra Source at
The Leela palace, Udaipur. We are extremely happy with the performance of the motors and our guests are loving the quiet and fume free
experience. It was also a pleasure to interact with the team of Ra Source who did their best by providing customized battery sizes for the retrofit
and provided us all the training support and technical assistance post installation.i can not miss to mention the alternative option offered to us(
that too FOC) , to mitigate hotel immediate need of boat electrical engine functionality.. Wish you all very best and keep up the hospitable nature
as usual.

Mr.Avinash Kumar

Chief Engineer, The Leela Palace Udaipur

I have always loved the aesthetics and operational experience of the Torqeedo motors as they are unrivaled in the electric boating market in India. We have been using Torqeedo motors for boating for almost a decade now and our clients love the noiseless, no emission experience while boating. We have been working with Ra Source since 2019 and they have been very prompt in providing both equipment and service for Torqeedo products. They even provide immediate remote technical support in times of emergency. We wish them good luck and hope to do more projects in the coming years.

Mr. Pawan Garg

MD, Bathinda Amusement Park